About Us

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Catering and connecting rural America
to their businesses and to the world.

How inconvenient is it when you try to stream your favorite show, or you’re simply trying to surf the web, or better yet, work from home, and you are constantly getting slow download speeds or poor connectivity. Here at SkyBoost, inc, we provide faster, and better connectivity to your lifestyle doesn’t have to change. We want to make sure your life isn’t interrupted because of slow speeds, but instead we want to bring the internet to you, faster!


Authorized Resellers
American Network Coverage
Customers Serviced
  • You’ll never have to choose another internet provider again


  • Working on internet
  • World Class Customer service brought to you where ever you are.


  • Internet by the pool
  • We deliver our services Nationwide, if there is a possibility of getting you service, we will make it happen.


  • Internet on the beach
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