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Hello and welcome to the SkyBoost Partner information page! Here you can get acquainted with useful information on terms and conditions of our partnership program

SkyBoost is pleased to offer a complete turn-key solution for businesses wanting to offer high speed cellular Internet. Our services make a great addition to existing product lines such as VoIP, Satellite, and IoT. By offering Internet through cellular networks we can provide Internet coverage to 96% of the people in the United States allowing for a broad customer base. Using the latest technologies, SkyBoost is able to provide partners with a fully automated cloud based; CRM, ERP, support, and billing platforms, providing your team with the tools it needs to succeed.

Direct Customer Billing

  • You keep your customers

    All sales made are yours from sourcing to installation. You never need to worry about a customer cancelling and having any revenue revoked by SkyBoost. Freedom to choose between billing your end users or allowing SkyBoost to do it for you, we’ve got you covered. With our cloud source billing solutions, we bill your end user and send you earnings via check, electronic wire, or money transfer. With up to 1 TB of secure storage space, take comfort in knowing your subscriber’s information is always protected.

  • No Extra Charges

    You will only be financially responsible for the monthly data costs incurred per service line in operation with SkyBoost. No hidden fees essentially pay for what you have active and request for inactive SIMs to be suspended or cancelled right from your portal to mitigate cost.

Signal Coverage

  • Total Coverage

    Utilizing THE 4 big-name providers in North America, SkyBoost has solidified its place to be the leading provider of LTE broadband in most rural areas, as each provider has a different level of available access compared to the next, SkyBoost has got you covered.

  • Growth

    When each provider expands, so does SkyBoost and our ability to service you helping you serve your growing customer base. The wireless industry is expected to exponentially grow within the next few years with analysis predicting that 98% of Americans will be connected wirelessly by 2021.

  • Vast Coverage

    We are not just on one tower; we are on every tower, our services work wherever there is coverage. Utilizing Nationwide networks means greater coverage in more places. Vendor networks are constantly being upgraded daily, from new high-speed available bands, to stronger radios/antennas on cell-sites, and soon to be 5G, partnering with SkyBoost will put you in a position to provide a redundant solution for years to come.

Marketing & Online Sales

  • Tool Box

    You will be provided a branded customer portal and access to sales and customer tools by SkyBoost. Your account manager will send you an invitation link to generate credentials for log in to our secured server site. You can actively manage lines which includes data usage reports, all SIM related requests (activations, suspensions, reinstatements, parameter refreshes, line cancellation) through form submission and see regular scheduled announcements on the latest products, news, and company updates.

  • Info

    For more information, talk to your account manager. SkyBoost will appoint a dedicated account manager for all your dealer needs. SkyBoost Representative that will be responsible for operational tasks such as; scheduling training, inventory management, purchasing equipment, and providing all other resources for partnership success.

Smart Service

  • Automation

    SkyBoost offers a variety of features with our service, including automated services that save time and make your life easier. Simplified billing through enterprise software solutions, monitoring alerts for data usage, setup auto reoccurring billing, and much more. Seamlessly allowing you to manage each user’s account with the direction your business needs to scale.

  • Custom APN's

    Our custom APN’s allow for a customer to be able to game without a strict NAT type or use of any VPN without being blocked. Customized by each vendor SkyBoost will supply an IP address either public or private in IPv4 protocol. A technical representative will assist with configurations for proper settings to gain access to the internet.

  • Line Management

    Our API calls to the carriers, allow for any lines that have not paid on the due date to be suspended without having to request this be done manually. This automation will integrate with the carriers’ services programmed per billing cycle or when deemed necessary. A process in which solves organization challenges.

  • Automated Line Activation

    You will also be able to activate SIM cards on an as needed basis and deactivate them online. No emails or calls necessary. This process can be conducted through the portal via form submission. Submit requests for activations, deactivations, suspensions, reinstatements, refreshes, or data reports at your discretion all from a secure and protected site.

Edge of Technology

  • Long Term Evolution

    LTE or Long-Term Evolution and 5G – The fifth generation of wireless are the primary methods SkyBoost uses to deliver its Internet service to dealers as well as direct customers. We utilize the latest in 4G wireless broadband technology and soon to be 5G specializing in rural areas where satellite or DSL are limited options. Filling the gap in areas with lacking wireline infrastructure by providing high-speed Internet over the air through a network of carrier cell sites/towers.

  • How It Works

    These devices contain a wireless LTE/5G radio on board which listens for cell tower signals without the need for line of sight communication. With all the provisioning done before hand to the SIMs and devices, this allows for minimal setup virtually plug-n-play. SkyBoost also carries supporting industry products providing a complete wireless solution for any use case.

  • Delivery

    We employ a superior method of delivery in comparison to traditional delivery methods in use today. Devices are preconfigured and provisioned in house so that they arrive ready to use. Consumers can benefit from drop-shipping or next day if applicable, SkyBoost has dealers Nationwide so chances are we’ve got you covered more ways than one.

  • Business Longevity

    This technology will likely be the most viable for high speed broadband and communication for the next 10-15 years. As the technology advances in wireless broadband Internet, SkyBoost has positioned itself to scale with new and emerging markets. Audio/Visual, Home Theatre, and other Integration companies can all benefit from cellular networks connecting their business needs to the web.

Your Next Steps

  • Step #1

    Contact our partner on boarding team (contact info below)

  • Step #2

    Your contract will be drafted which takes 2 - 3 business days.

  • Step #3

    Depending on your level of entry, this will determine what is to be paid upon the execution of the contract

  • Step #4

    Your training will begin after the initial payment is received.

  • Note:

    If skyboost is providing your marketing material, please allow 1 week for material development, such as the graphics, advertisements and photos to be used for your online marketing purposes

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